Bully for You

3D person pushing another

The room went silent with a gasp of despair… a foul smell overtook the classroom while Clair grimaced a horrified look upon her face and Jim was laughing out loud in her nightmare. The subtle sound of drip…drip….drip was evident and that’s when things really got embarrassing, the teacher was unaware.

It was springtime and white capri pants where all the rage that year. Clair was wearing a nice pair, with gold embroidered vines running down the sides of the leg. She was feeling proud. It was such a shame to ruin those expensive pants… especially when it wasn’t even her fault, what she wanted to wear. Jim was such a dip and acting so poorly. He deliberately spilled a homemade stink bomb all over her pants. He had been doing stuff like this for years to poor Clair. What a bully. Why should she beg?

“That is the last straw,” she thought quietly to herself. For the rest of the day, Clair smelled terribly. I mean really, really deadly. The yellowed stain on her new white britches didn’t do much for appearance sake… everybody made fun of her. They were unfriendly. They whispered she soiled her pants and never showered… she wanted to withdraw. Why was she smelly? …You know how kids can be…cruel liars…how her heart did ache. Why can’t they be friendly? Why are they bitches?

All Clair could do was cry and bare the torture of ridicule. She was not able to go home, since her parents both commuted. She lived far from school, no where to hide. Finally, the school day ended and Clair took the long, lonely bus ride. Nobody sat within five rows of her and with all the windows in the down position, the kids sang  “Clair smells like burnt butt-hair… Oh… how smelly… nothing can compare…”

Yes… it was Jim who started the chant. He was her neighbor from two doors down and rode the same bus that she did, all the way home. They have known each other for years and Jim has always targeted Clair for abuse, hell fire and chide…how silly. He won’t recant.

Clair ran into her room and slammed the door. She was furious and was going to have her revenge. “That butthole has embarrassed me for the last time,” she thought. He was a big, fat freak with a gap between his front teeth and orange hair… a ginger through and through, complete with freckles everywhere and stupid hair.

Oh… how Clair hated Jim and his relentless assaults on her… just because she had turned him down for a date in the seventh grade… how dare her?. “Just get over it” she thought to herself. “Why must you be such a jerk to me? What is this burden I must bare”?

Clair planned and schemed all night long until she had come up with her revenge. Tomorrow at school…..Tomorrow at the pep rally… Jim, the big football star, will learn a valuable lesson…and I will show him. I will show him savagely.

I will rally.

One would think the cruelty of kids would wear off after a day, but it did not. Children are petty and weak and seek to gain the approval of the masses… for without the masses, they are alone… and susceptible to attack themselves. One must not think for themselves in the Valley. They are meek.

Clair arrived at school the next day and the tormenting was even worse than the day before. Everybody had time to think up new and mean things to say to Clair… the assaults were relentless throughout the entire day. Even Jim was hitting all new lows when it came to being mean… He even spit in her hair and gleamed… Just ask Sally, it’s okay.

The day was finally nearing its end. It was Friday, last period and the pep rally jamboree was gathering in the gym.  This was when Clair was going to make her move, finally teach Jim a lesson, one they would not forget, she schemed.

It was customary for the football team to sit in the middle of the gym, as the cheerleaders jumped around and entertained the student body. Clair was 2nd lead trumpet player in the band, it was her hobby. The band sat in the first three rows of the bleachers in the gym. Clair had a front row seat, right in front of the podium.

As the rally was coming to an end and the cheerleaders were taking turns at the microphone giving praise to the team…Clair walked up and stood on the linoleum, after the last girl had spoken… She needed to deem. This was her dream.

With a big tear in her eye, she stood at the podium and said to the crowd…

“I want each and every one of you to know that you are the reason I am standing up here today.  Especially Jim… I want you to remember this day, for the rest of your life. This is no fluke. I am a person with feelings. I feel pain and hurt. I am a human being and I will not stand for this torment… I must assert. You reap what you sow. My name is Clair and I am not sorry. Today I speak out loud. I must be disavowed.”

After that… Clair walked over to Jim… whispered in his ear… “I’ll be free soon and so will you. You make me want to puke. You are no thoroughbred. ”

She took a pistol out of her purse and promptly blew a hole in the center of Jim’s head. It was coarse. His snarky smile forever ingrained on his face, as his brains scattered ten feet behind his lifeless corpse. Clair was not sorry. She now set the pace.

As the crowd fled in horror, Clair quietly sat down next to Jim, put her arm around his lifeless shoulder and waited for the police force.

She had got her revenge. Jim would never bother her again. “A dead bully is a good bully,” she thought to herself and smiled. No more anarchy. I can now see. Jim is corse and I won the race.

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